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Why Pairs trading?

Pairs trading also known as market neutral, statistical arbitrage, long/short and spread trading is the most popular trading strategy amongst hedge funds. The reason being is that profit can be made regardless of market direction. Pair-trading simultaneously buys one stock while short selling another highly correlated stock when the relationship between the two stocks is "out of wack". When the stocks come back "inline" the trade is closed.


Successfully trade regardless of market direction

Profit from rising and falling stock prices by holding a portfolio of equal amount of long and short positions

Bull market? Bear market? Sideways market? Doesn't matter with Pairs Trading

Studies show that over 90% of traders don't take advantage of falling stock prices by short selling stock, which most brokers offer. Start short selling like the big boys using Pairtrade Finder. No more being disadvantaged due to a lack of technological sophistication and resources. Investors and traders, big and small, can benefit from allocating at least a portion of their portfolio to pairs trading. Including pairs trading in a portfolio diversifies returns and decreases overall market exposure.

  • Popular pairs include: GOOG vs YHOO, AMZN vs EBAY and MSFT vs IBM
  • Pairs trading is the most common trading strategy amongst hedge funds
  • Pair 1000s of stocks, ETFs, futures, options and currencies from all around the world

Pick Your Battles Wisely

Pairtrade Finder is the special weapon in finding the best opportunities in the market at any given time. Pairtrade finder embraces market volatility.

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Successful traders are not guessing which direction a stock market is headed. Instead they profit from what ever happens. Join a growing army of prosperous Pairtrade Finder users who profit from every market condition with clear cut trading signals.

Where Does The CabApp Operates

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Developed by an ex-investment bank member of staff, Pairtrade Finder is unlike any other trading software available. Nothing is as sophisticated yet simple to use. No experience is necessary. A complete user manual plus rapid support is provided to ensure smooth operation of Pairtrade Finder. The leader in pairs trading software.

Other features in Pairtrade finder

Trading signals for over 1 million instruments from around the world including stocks, ETF's, futures, options, and forex. An optional data feed from IQfeed is available to allow pairs trading virtually anywhere in the world.

The built-in backtester allows the analysis of results using the trading system spanning back 10 years. Discover the average winning trade %, average profit per trade, largest winning trade plus a whole lot more.

Add discretionary analysis to the trading signals with the aid of unique trading charts such as volatility, spread, RSI, correlation, % from mean and ratio charts designed to demonstrate an inner view of a pairs activity.

Configurable alerts via email and audio prompts detailing which pair to trade along with their buy and short sell price. Exit signals alerts are delivered in a similar fashion.

Add further conviction to trades with the fundamental analysis comparison table. Compare fundamental indicators such as PE, PEG, PS, PB and more.

Customize the pairs trading system with flexible system parameter settings.

A comprehensive user manual is included with every download along with access to our experience rapid support desk to answer questions.

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